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Method of obtaining the thermoisolated ceramics

Method of obtaining the thermoisolated ceramics

Building industry has a necessity of ceramic goods with low density, good thermoisolated properties and at the same time very strong. These properties can be obtained by using some additional materials in ceramic bricks production, such as diatomite, marl, zeolite, perlite and others. These materials can secure great quality of thermoisolated bricks, but they are very rare and expensive.

In this work a method of obtaining the thermoisolated ceramics by using cheap raw materials was studied. I intend to obtain ceramic material with low density, high durability, maximal value of a closed porosity and minimal value of an opened porosity without great material inputs.

The system consisting of clay, sawdust, liquid glass, beaten glass and ashes has been investigated. Preliminary granules have been made of sawdust and liquid glass so that the cover of a low-melted material was formed on the surface of sawdust grains. Mixture preparation, manufacturing and testing the samples have been executed according to the techniques accepted in ceramic technology.

The samples obtained have high porosity and durability. The value of the closed porosity also has increased, because the given method provides the formation of pores with a dense internal surface. It can be explained that while roasting the ceramics sinters at first near the particles of sawdust and a low- melted material. Thus the ceramics is strengthened around the pores. Consequently the ceramic goods have high durability.

As a result this method allows to obtain a strong porous ceramic material without big material inputs.

Sadekova D.

Method of obtaining the thermoisolated ceramics

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