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Management of effective teambuilding

Management of effective teambuilding

Topicality a theme of research.
Teambuilding is an acute problem, in business and in politics, sport and everywhere where effective group participation is required . Undoubtedly a head of organization creating «a dream team» should be guided by own representations, plans, personal credo and what is the most important - his psychological structure, as J. S.Maksvell writes . To construct correct personal relations the head of organization has to have and to define methods of team work and to create inspiring socially-psychological climate , special knowledge, skills and abilities to conduct dialogues. It is very hard to research the process of teambuilding has hardly given in to studying and purposeful management in the organizations because it‘s complexity, so to reveal true factors of manajing organizational behaviour, it is necessary to get into deep layers of interpersonal relations, what is absolutely uneasy.

The purposes and tasks of research.
The purpose of research is studying an effective team and application the methodical and practical recommendations for formation of authority teams in the organizations.We want to take any effective team and to research their.On this basic we want to get practical recommendations for formation of authority teams in the organizations that was in our dreams.

According to an object in view in the research work their have been put and following problems that will be realised:
– It is necessary to reveal essence and the maintenance of processes teambuilding in c authority teams in physical training and sports;
– It is necessary to open value of personal potential of workers of chairs of physical training in processes teambuilding;
– It is necessary to apply known techniques of authority diagnostics at construction of authority teams to revealing of reserves in authority teams in physical training and sports.

Research methods.
We are planning to apply the following methods of research :
1. Literature survey domestic and forein scientists.
2.Method of authority diagnostics and consultation.
3. Sociological and social and psychological inspection.
4. Expert stimation.

The research organisation.
Research will be conclucted according seversl stages.
The first stage is motivation. While conducting social measurement it is necessary the corresponding motivation of all examinees.
The second stage is organization. Those who instruct examinees answer their questions about the procedure of social and psychological experiment.
The third stage is carrying out of the procedure. Cards are applied to information gathering at interrogation or forms of questions which are distributed to respondents. The fourth stage is processing and interpretation of the data.
Prospective results of research.
– It is impotant to find out the value and structure of personal potential of workers of the chairs of physical training in process of teambuilding;
– If we take for a basis one of schemes of an effective team of already working, authority structure of physical education chair we can try to approach it by means of methods of authority diagnostics and consulting, sociological and social and psychological inspection.

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Management of effective teambuilding

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