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High-temperature mass-spectrometry

High-temperature mass-spectrometry

In the middle of the twentieth century the new branch of chemistry - high-temperature chemistry was formed. It combines the elements of inorganic and physical chemistry in application to studying substances and processes while heating. One of the major sections of the high-temperature chemistry is the study of the vapour of inorganic systems. In many cases studying a gas phase enables to diagnose a condition of the most condensed phase, for example to define activity of the components in two-componential systems.

Mass-spectrometers are a device for research of substances by definition of masses of ions and their quantities. A set of values of masses and their relative maintenance refers mass-spectrum. Mass-spectrometry was born in 1919. Its founder, Aston, solved a fundamental physical problem by a new method: studying isotope structure of the elements, and subsequently the definition of masses of atoms, but mass-spectrometric method has appeared a universal remedy of the analysis of gases and vapours.

The given method is intensively used for the research of high-temperature materials and processes at physics department of Ivanovo state university of chemistry and technology.

Research is carried out on the sector magnetic mass-spectrometers MI-1201 intended for the discrete analysis of isotope structure of the gases and solid substances.

When I was a second year student, I began to be engaged in high-temperature mass-spectrometry. My supervisor is Lev Semenovich Kudin. My first work became the development of the software for getting, analysis and processing the result of the experiment. The problem also included the realization of a possibility of the management in separate units and blocks of a mass-spectrometer. With the participation of Candidate of Chemical Science Artem Sergeevich Kruchkov this problem has been completed and successfully approved.

Following the problem in which I began to be engaged was modernization of mass-spectrometers. Blocks of switching the modes of measurement, the blocks of an optical isolating device of a thermocouple have been developed and made, and also new measuring devices and the power units, which allowed to build qualitative digitization of work data, have been bought. As a result of the given work I had prepared the presentation All-Russia review-competition of scientific and technical creativity of the students of higher educational institutions “Eurika 2008”. As a result of the competition the work has received the 4th place.

In future I plan to continue modernization of hardware base of our laboratory and also to start research of the thermodynamic characteristics of the halogenides of the lanthanides which now are the basic objects of our research.

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High-temperature mass-spectrometry

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