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Главные направления сотрудничества с всемирной ассоциацией образования в сфере рекреации

Главные направления сотрудничества с всемирной ассоциацией образования в сфере рекреации

The current article presents the direction for effective recreation education and Ways for international exchange based on our experience running business of recreation education and leisure sports, developing laughter and recreation programs, results of international academic conferences, and actually educating recreation leaders for the last 24 years.

Direction for Recreation Education
1. Conceptual Approach to Recreation
2. Main Purpose of Recreation Education
3. Role and Importance of Recreation
4. Educating Recreation and Leisure Sports Leaders
5. Order of participation in leadership educational courses by type of profession

Ways for International Recreation Exchange
1. Hold international academic conferences and presentations for realistic academic exchanges
2. Establish offices within each country and build networks and an overseeing organization for the vitalization of global recreation
3. Vitalize online education
4. Exchanges of each country’s traditional games, dances and modernized recreation

Direction for Recreation Education
Conceptual Approach to Recreation
The concept of recreation differs in each country’s social culture and those who majored in recreation. Our conceptual approach to recreation is “recreational activities that are individually and socio-culturally accepted and all leisure activities bring about constructive, creative, and educational aspects”.

Main Purpose of Recreation Education
1) Contribute to a healthy life and improve the quality of life through the popularization of recreation
- Recreation is an activity everyone needs to engage in and we pursue the popularization of recreation for it to become a part of life.
- Recreational activities improve everyone’s quality of life and fills their lives with happiness and health.
2) Recreation promotes sociability for the formation of a healthy global humanity.
- Recreation’s sociability education contributes to creating a bright social culture and harmonious families beyond personal ego.
- Furthermore, it fosters global leaders with smooth interpersonal relations with everyone worldwide for a healthy and bright global humanity.
- Recreational activities can help heal social problems and create a healthy society.
- We suffer considerably from psychological fatigue from the economic disruptions, competition, difficulties in interpersonal relations and adapting to new technologies. Unless we make constant efforts to address paying attention to economic and work problems, we are likely to fall behind. As such, consumption to assuage the tired body and heart and that of saving is becoming the major trend. We need recreational activities to heal and rest our spirits and to create laughter. Accordingly, programs with content that provides fun and laughter are in high demand. These programs are being developed and marketing strategies drawn up. (Ex. Gangnam Style).
3) Turn recreational education into a profession to improve the trainees’ employment, education and work.
- recreation education helps public speaking ability, builds confidence, develops potential, fosters leadership, humor and laughter improves, interpersonal relations and social adaptability, etc.
- Use such personal qualities of recreation at work and studies to improve the ability to get jobs and become competent professionals.
i.e) Contents we prepared for the job training of elementary, middle and high school teachers.
(getting official credits approval by the Ministry of Education and acquiring certificates)
(1) Live recreation for teachers (2 credits, 30 hours)
(2) Live laughter class and Fun! Fun! Recreation (4 credits, 60 hours)
(Popular training ranked the top first to third in the number of students applying for about 150 courses)
- There are about 150 courses including Korean Language, English, Mathematics and Sociology, but the two courses we created are still the top first to third most popular courses.
- These two courses are popular and necessary for teachers. If should we provide them to all countries, we are confident they will greatly help the recreation education business raise the education efficiency
- First, it would be proper to educate leaders in each area, including teachers.
- Elementary, middle and high school students get to learn proper leisure values and healthy recreation at a relatively young age to prevent juvenile delinquency and deviant behavior and ostracism, to cultivate sociability with peers, improve interpersonal relations and be free from Internet games of the virtual word.
- As fun, competent and respected teachers, this would help them regain their teaching authority to help well rounded individuals education for intellectual, emotional and physical well being, and greatly contribute to the development of each country’s human resources.

Young Kee Lee, Ph.D. President of the World Recreation Educational Association
Stepan A. Goniiants, Ph.D., professor Vice-president of the World Recreation Educational Association

Главные направления сотрудничества с всемирной ассоциацией образования в сфере рекреации

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