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Alexandr Butlerov

Alexandr Butlerov

A.M. Butlerov, an academician, the founder of the theory of organic compounds structure, laid down the foundation of organic chemistry. His ideas had a great influence on many areas of physical and inorganic chemistry. Under the influence of K.K. Klaus and N.N.Zinin Butlerov became seriously interested in chemistry. Later he could classify organic compounds and indicate characteristic types of different reactions.

He visited many famous laboratories of Europe and then reequipped his chemical laboratory. The substance was the source of his numerous discoveries. He obtained the synthetic sugar, the first polymer compound, paraphormaldehide, which is known as the medical urothropine.

I’m sure that Butlerov was a great Russian chemist and his contribution into modern chemical knowledge is immense. And my future research will be connected with the discoveries of A.M.Butlerov.

Yablonskaya O.

Alexandr Butlerov

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